A man sees a thing in one way through reasoning and in an altogether different way when God Himself shows it to him.

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The Bible is one of the greatest blessings bestowed by God on the children of men. It has God for its author; salvation for its end, and truth without any mixture for its matter. It is all pure. John Locke
Beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and devil are fighting there, and the battlefield is the heart of man. Fyodor Dostoevsky
God is subtle but he is not malicious. Albert Einstein
Africa makes a mockery of what we say, at least what I say, about equality and questions our pieties and our commitments because there's no way to look at what's happening over there and it's effect on all of us and conclude that we actually consider Africans as our equals before God. There is no chance. Bono
I think God has a sense of humor, and the way my lessons come from God is very funny. I have to laugh at myself even if it's a tough lesson. Yvette Nicole Brown
All God wants of man is a peaceful heart. Meister Eckhart
God invented mankind because he loved silly stories. Ralph Steadman
God heals, and the doctor takes the fees. Benjamin Franklin
God lends a helping hand to the man who tries hard. Aeschylus
The aim of life is the attainment of God. Ramakrishna

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