There is no genius without a mixture of madness.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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The lucky person passes for a genius.
A man of genius has been seldom ruined but by himself.
Samuel Johnson
Judge the goodness of a book by the energy of the punches it has given you. I believe the greatest characteristic of genius, is, above all, force.
Gustave Flaubert
Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Genius is one of the many forms of insanity.
Cesare Lombroso
A man of genius makes no mistakes; his errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.
James Joyce
The genius, wit, and the spirit of a nation are discovered by their proverbs.
Francis Bacon
The essence of genius is to know what to overlook.
William James
Man as an individual is a genius. But men in the mass form the headless monster, a great, brutish idiot that goes where prodded.
Charlie Chaplin
Today is Christmas Eve. Whether or not Christ was born exactly on this date is not important. But chronological accuracy has nothing to do with tonight's event. A grand genius had been born who preached truth and love; who suffered because of his mission; and on account of his sufferings the world has become better, if not saved. Only it gives me nausea to see how some people abuse his name to commit numerous crimes. If he is in heaven, he will certainly protest!
Jose Rizal

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