Without music, life would be a mistake.
Friedrich Nietzsche


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A mind that is no longer caught in any form of belief, not caught in self-created belief, not seeking, not seeking anything - though it may be a little more arduous - is tremendously alive. Truth is something which is only from moment to moment, like virtue, like beauty, it is something which has no continuity. That which has continuity is the product of time, and time is thought; and time being sorrow, time...
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Success and failure are both part of life. Both are not permanent.
Shahrukh Khan

Just for the performance today from, I mean, first point to the last I was absolutely playing the best tennis of my life.
Marin Cilic

Life is really a dance if you are original, and you are meant to be original.

It's important for me to show my children the richness of life and be a role model. I find that my organizational and management skills are tested more at home than at work!
Susan Wojcicki

The average man does not know what to do with this life, yet wants another one which will last forever.
Anatole France

I'm admittedly a human being. I'm a difficult kind of dude.
Dave Chappelle

A man who won't die for something is not fit to live.
Martin Luther King Jr

It is frightening that in recent years such an increase has occurred in acts of terrorism, which have even reached peaceful countries such as ours. And as a 'remedy', more and more security forces are established to protect the lives of individual men and women.
Alva Myrdal

I believe you make your day. You make your life. So much of it is all perception, and this is the form that I built for myself. I have to accept it and work within those compounds, and it's up to me.
Brad Pitt


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