Unless You Remember It

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Help those who want to be successful, and remember, small is beautiful.
On Robert De Niro: I remember seeing things that Bob had done in the past, and very recent times, and have been taken with the work so much that I even wrote him about it. Some of his great work -- which is plenty -- I was staggered by the subtlety of his portrayal and the warmth, which is what we often talk about with Bob among us actors who admire him so. It is the warmth and the way he approaches things.
Happiness is good health and a bad memory.
Take care with the little details. Watch your smile, your tone of voice, how you use your eyes, the way you greet people, the use of nicknames and remembering faces, names and dates. Little things add polish to your skill in dealing with people. Constantly, deliberately think of them until they become a natural part of your personality.
When there is no image about the tree, you are really observing what it actually is - which is quite a different state. In the same way if you have no image about another human being, the relationship is entirely different. Which means that there is the absence of thought, of the 'me', of the Memory, which is actually of the past. Therefore you are facing something which is immediate - and because one has eliminated conflict, one has tremendous energy.

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