Love: A temporary insanity curable by marriage.
Ambrose Bierce


More Marriage Quotes

Marriage is three parts love and seven parts forgiveness of sins.
Lao Tzu

In a way, fraud in business is no different from infidelity in marriage or plagiarism in scholarly work. Even people committed to high moral standards succumb.
Miroslav Volf

The man as he converses is the lover; silent, he is the husband.
Honore De Balzac

When I started, the woman went to the store to buy a dress. She saw it in pink and red, and then she remembered that the husband, who is probably going to pay for the dress, loves it in pink. So she buys the pink. Today, the same woman goes to the store and remembers the husband likes pink, and she buys the red.
Oscar de la Renta

Any intelligent woman who reads the marriage contract, and then goes into it, deserves all the consequences.
Isadora Duncan

I think that there is a sharp contrast for most people between life at university, where they meet lots of people, and the moment when they enter the workforce, when they basically no longer meet anyone. Life becomes dull. So as a result people get married to have a personal life. I could elaborate but I think everyone understands.
Michel Houellebecq

My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me.
Winston Churchill

Not cohabitation but consensus constitutes marriage.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

I don't want to be married to someone who feels inferior to my success or because I make more money than he does.
Grace Kelly

Wit is the sudden marriage of ideas which before their union were not perceived to have any relation.
Mark Twain


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