Love: A temporary insanity curable by marriage.
Ambrose Bierce


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Our senses enable us to perceive only a minute portion of the outside world. Our hearing extends to a small distance. Our sight is impeded by intervening bodies and shadows. To know each other we must reach beyond the sphere of our sense perceptions. We must transmit our intelligence, travel, transport the materials and transfer the energies necessary for our existence. View Quote
Nikola Tesla

After a while in marriage, it doesn't work anymore. There is something missing, there is something wrong. There are few marriages that stay alive forever. We like something, and after a while, we hate what we used to love. View Quote
Monica Bellucci

On Breaking Bad: At first, I thought this series is going to be all about death and desecration, but instead became a more complex landscape of human relationships. View Quote
Ralph Steadman

I've always had an affinity and a passion for cars and that whole car culture. View Quote

Everybody should be normal. Everybody should be nice. I think they go hand in hand, and that to me is the default setting. View Quote
Steve Carell

On what she's looking for in a boyfriend: You know, isn't afraid to fart in front of me rather than to have big, passionate love. I'd rather have just a peaceful time. Those relationships are deeper because you can be your true self with somebody, and somebody can be their true self with you. View Quote
Jennifer Lawrence

Without love, marriage becomes, for man or for woman, a source of gratification, of conflict, of fear and pain. Love comes into being only when the self is absent. Without love, relationship is sorrow, however physically exciting it might be; such relationship breeds contention and frustration, habit and routine. Without love there can be no chastity, and sex becomes an all-consuming problem. View Quote
Jiddu Krishnamurti

You don't develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity. View Quote

I am so proud to be a New Yorker! One step closer to equality and toward the legalization of Gay Marriage in America. Full Equality. Unity. View Quote
Lady Gaga

You could talk about same-sex marriage, but people who have been married (say) 'It's the same sex all the time.' View Quote
Robin Williams


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