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3 things I want in a relationship: Eyes that wont cry, lips than wont lie, and love that wont die.
A lot of niggas fake but me I give these hoes faith.
Aint no love lost but aint no love shown, so now when niggas call I just dont pick up the phone.
Any chick that I handle, I teach 'em patience. How not to win the award but be glad for your nomination.
As fuck my nigga, rep taylor gang whats up my nigga, big as a truck my nigga.
As we proceed, to court bad bitches and roll dope weed.
Aw man, still they hate and talk smack, Knowin if I was gone, theird be no thrown to throw your rocks at.
Ballin's not a hobby, it's my occupation.
Being single doesn't necessarily mean you're available. Sometimes you have to put up a sign that says, Do Not Disturb on your heart.
Bestfriends has 11 letters, but so does Backstabber.
Beware of them niggas wit tattoo sleeves.
Big house, 4 whips, hella tattoos. Smoke good and ya bitch think I'm bad news.
Bout to go nuts, nigga, Cashews. A promoter asked me if I'm booked I say I'm past due.
Breakin down the weed about to make a plane, a hundred niggas wit me all reppin taylor gang.
Bring the rap you was the main player I had to bench you. When I showed your ass how to ball that Louie I bought it all.
Can't deal with this relationship but this what you asked for ask for them pictures of them b*tches, shit I probably wouldn't be with them. If your ass wasn't trippin'.
Definition of cold: ice, 30 below champagne, foreign names in my pool.
Doin everything that you say I can't. Not a stroke of luck player you can say I plan.
Doing everything that you say I can't, not a stroke of luck player you can stay I planned.
Don't care what your friends say, cause they dont know me. I can be your best friend, and you be my homie.
Everybody smoking papers, nobody smoking blunts. Bitches rolling weed and my niggas f-cked up yeaaaaaaaaa its a partyyyyyyyy, oh, its a party.
Find the baddest bitch and get her number I don't even call her, feel like a million dollars.
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Fuck a hater burn in hell, sipping champagne while the waiters break the shells.
Girl I'm not a travel agent so what you trippin on.
Girls fall in love with what they hear. Boys fall in love with what they see. That's why girls wear make up; and boys lie.
Gone on the road that I'm hardly home on the weekend. You be blowing my phone up tryin to see who I'm seeing but I'm chasing this paper so for this paper I'm reaching might f*ck one or two b*tches but don't consider it cheatin.
Good things come in good time.
Got no money? Get some. You ain't got it? Go and get it.
Got you niggas checking game I'm balling out on every level, hear them haters talk but theres nothing you can tell em.
Great minds think alone.
Grow some more weed and get medicated, everyday is a holiday so we celebrate it.
Hating niggas talk, hear they whispers in the wind, but I don't wanna do them harm so I kill them with my pen.
Heard that you the shit, girl we should blow up together.
High as fuck, sloppy drunk when I'm passin' through. Rollin' doobies up, yo ho who we pass 'em to.
Higher than hell flyer than Delta.
Hoes treat me like I'm a king, they wanna live comfortably sippin on champagne.
Homey used to be a player, now I coach fools on how to get your money, live it and spend it just how you're supposed to call some bitches to roll through.
How the fuck could you hate this? Half of these people lame real niggas shape shift. That's why I'm smoking OG til I'm weightless.
I aint gonna flex, I'm not gonna front, you know if I ball, then we all gonna stunt.
I aint trippin, never slicking or slacking on my pimping.

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