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It's been over two years now since I last trained with any serious structure except for the structure that is a lack of structure.
Geoff Roes

A desire to win is one of the reasons I love to compete with other runners, but it is certainly not the main reason. Winning is instead just really sweet icing on the cake of the competitive experience.
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At any rate Western States should be a really exciting event to be a part of again this year. It's been fun and exciting to start thinking about it a bit more in the past several days. But it's also really fun and exciting to be back here in Juneau where there are so many enticing places to run that I'm much more excited about where I'm going to run tomorrow than any runs I have planned in the future.
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At some point thus the question becomes: why race at all then? I'm still not to the point of seriously asking myself this question. I still get a lot of satisfaction from competing with others at something we've all put so much time and effort into. 29 days out of 30 I prefer to just be out running through the mountains at a mellow pace, exploring the terrain around me, but about once a month it's really fun to line up and push myself physically and mentally in conjunction with and in competition with dozens (sometimes hundreds) of other like minded folks.
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Certainly on 100-milers you are burning off a lot of fat as your fuel. I know some runners will go out on five-hour runs and not eat much of anything during the run to get the body used to running on stored energy, but I kind of take the whole opposite approach of just training very similar to racing.
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Certainly you can 'train' in this way no matter where you live, but here in Juneau everything is kind of closed off in an idyllic little bubble, and it's pretty easy to escape the pressure, stress, and anxiety of competitive running and of many things in life. This combined with the challenging terrain and the thriving running community makes Juneau the perfect place to prepare for a race like Western States.
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Depending upon the trail and conditions, I expect to be on a 50 mile course between 6 and 9 hours.
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Doing the races is almost a secondary thing for me. It's really more about running every day.
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For me I think I end up a little burnt out mentally before I even start a race when I focus on one specific event for too long. I operate a lot better when my most important run is my next run and not some run several months in the future.
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For me it's like just taking some down time. I've raced 10 races in 10 months.
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For me, the easiest way to have a sustainable and healty relationship with running is to constantly remember how simple it is.
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Geoff Roes

American Athlete
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